Maptia: Surfing Korea’s Demilitarized Zone

Maptia: Surfing Korea’s Demilitarized Zone Seoul Surfing: The 38th Parallel Surf Project By Shannon Aston South Korea has gotten the surf bug badly. 38th Parallel Beach has fast become a hub for Seoul’s young jet-setting surfer class. A three-hour drive from Seoul, on any given day you will see trendies, gangsters, Hongdae hipsters, Gangnam DJ’s […]

Surfline Umbrella Pitch & SPEC ads. April 17

Surfline Umbrella Editorial Pitch (2015) DIY/Makers. “The Workshop” The Workshop unearths non-industry creatives who surf. A feature about surfers engaged in creative industries that are constructing new paradigms within existing models through a re-worked or imaginative approach. Brewers, food truck operators, artisanal makers, pop-up chefs, beekeepers, designers, artists, builders can fit. The scope is wide, […]