After meaning to do this for quite a long while and growing tired of hosting portfolio sites and wasting the  hosting power on my web server, I used the summer to learn HTML/CSS and Javascript at the local Palomar College. Two eight-week, intensive online courses kept me very busy and getting on top of skills […]

Esco is Esco

One of my slower moving projects that really came about by accident is starting to take shape in my mind.  The North County, San Diego inland valley town of Escondido has had a long agricultural past in the area, known for avocados and impressive colonial style homes. The town is a gridded mish-mash of a […]

Poler Stuff

Fantastic Portland based outdoors & camping company, Poler with their hip and modern take on the universal pastime of camping has seen a major revival of late, as a younger generation of consumers and travellers wish to reclaim their birthright as children, camping with family and relatives as adults in their own brave new instagramed […]

Oakley Lowers Pro, Lower Trestles

Some snaps from shooting down at the Oakley Lowers Pro WQS 10, 000 event this week.  Photos: Top 3, New Zealander, Ricardo Christie and below, Kelly Slater.

Farewell to South Korea

Surfing, we all do it, love it, celebrate it, fetishize it and go on and on about it in a way that normal people like to make fun of us when they can. They don’t and won’t really understand why we make it the central figure in our lives.

Waves, Get them while you can!

Seoul is three long hours from the east coast and the swells are brief, so timing is everything in Korea. Surfers agonize over daily reports and the cams to pick the exact right time to make the trip east. Seven-day forecasts tease and toy with our emotions during the week only to vanish at the last second. Epic swells abruptly turn their backs on us and march back out to sea. Seoulites envy the surfers living in the mountains or on the coast who can surf with much less hassle and heartache. Korean Huey is a cruel sort, so if you see a wave best you surf it while its there.

Strange Tales From A South Korean Beach

he beach was no different. On the coast, all the unusual aspects of Korean life were there to see. Enchanting scenes of the past and the future, old men working the fields, fisherman drinking and smoking heavily while they fixed nets, young Korean surfers bobbing in the line-up sporting only the latest brands of surf and camp lifestyle like badges of honour. Seoul surfer girls indulging in a popular Korean pastime and are seen sleeping off hangovers in their wetsuits on the beach and anywhere else they can. Restaurant owners proudly present you their signature dishes and gush that a white man could like spicy food or even ask for more of their own homemade Kimchi; in this moment you have made a friend for life. Kind-hearted Ajeossis pose playfully for the camera, even though strapped heavily in a neck brace. As the Soju and fried chicken comes, so do the rowdy times where Koreans finally allow themselves to let their strict moral guard down and drink and smoke heavily. Today’s episode is some of my observations of the kooky après-surf from around 38th beach.

Korduroy TV

KORDUROY TV: SURFING THE 38TH PARALLEL: PHOTO ESSAY SERIES: 6 PARTS (Published March 2013) PART ONE: Winter: PART TWO: Soldiers and the Sand: PART THREE Seoul Surfers: PART FOUR: Waves PART FIVE: Strange Tales: PART SIX: Saying Goodbye:

Seoul Surfing the 38th Parallel

Lowering one’s expectations doesn’t always mean a negative attitude; sometimes it protects us from harsh realities. If you surf in Korea, then you must lower your expectations to cope with the bad and to truly appreciate the good. On the 3-hour ride out from Seoul, you constantly argue with yourself, “will I be an optimist or a realist today?” Initially as a makeshift surf fix to break the grind of Seoul, the good surf days remain vivid in my mind because my lowered expectations only amplified the stoke. The surf and culture on the east coast of Korea surprised me and my experiences were in a word, unique