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After meaning to do this for quite a long while and growing tired of hosting portfolio sites and wasting the  hosting power on my web server, I used the summer to learn HTML/CSS and Javascript at the local Palomar College. Two eight-week, intensive online courses kept me very busy and getting on top of skills that I had long wanted to learn.

HTML/CSS is great and makes sense to me from a grammatical and creative perspective, but Javascript is a mathematical beast that doesn’t quite fit with me.  I will continue with SQL//PHP in the fall and round out some base computer knowledge to keep myself current.

The site was made using a Bootstrap source code that I developed the way I need it to work.  It requires some testing, but so far for being homemade it’s doing OK. It’s a different style from my longstanding portfolio site but I had always wanted a single page feel.  I would like to get more creative with it and make it a lot simpler, but it took  a week to do and I  wanted it up and my old site down.  I will work away on it over the next few weeks, updating albums and styles to get it right and running smooth as possible.

I even did a single pager for my dog, Bruce also ( who has been quite the stock agency star for me lately racking up sales and doggie treats with his serious and dramatic looks.  He needed his own portal to show his funny mug off to the world.

Take a look and test the thing out.

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