Esco is Esco

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One of my slower moving projects that really came about by accident is starting to take shape in my mind.  The North County, San Diego inland valley town of Escondido has had a long agricultural past in the area, known for avocados and impressive colonial style homes.

The town is a gridded mish-mash of a new born ethnic community, old Californian western charm amid decaying American dream and a pulsing red heartland.  With its location in the fertile inland valleys, perched right before mountains and an awe inspiring desert, the town is an intense and off beat collection of times and faces.

These days the town has changed, but not grown as a new latin community snaps up relative cheap properties.   I find myself here and have been the last 12 months or so as circumstance dictated.

What I’ve seen here is a mixture of sadness, humor, tension, beauty, decay and a readjustment in the face of the new California.

Shot on a couple of second-hand film cameras I picked up in my time in Korea and Japan.

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