New Zealand Election

A couple of posts about the New Zealand election coming up on September 23rd I posted on and getting my Silence Dogood on. #1 Charisma Policy aside and the grinding-push-pull of the two party NZ system, it’s naive to think that charismatic leadership doesn’t matter, or that it shouldn’t be given any weight in […]

After meaning to do this for quite a long while and growing tired of hosting portfolio sites and wasting the  hosting power on my web server, I used the summer to learn HTML/CSS and Javascript at the local Palomar College. Two eight-week, intensive online courses kept me very busy and getting on top of skills […]

Esco is Esco

One of my slower moving projects that really came about by accident is starting to take shape in my mind.  The North County, San Diego inland valley town of Escondido has had a long agricultural past in the area, known for avocados and impressive colonial style homes. The town is a gridded mish-mash of a […]

Poler Stuff

Fantastic Portland based outdoors & camping company, Poler with their hip and modern take on the universal pastime of camping has seen a major revival of late, as a younger generation of consumers and travellers wish to reclaim their birthright as children, camping with family and relatives as adults in their own brave new instagramed […]

Oakley Lowers Pro, Lower Trestles

Some snaps from shooting down at the Oakley Lowers Pro WQS 10, 000 event this week.  Photos: Top 3, New Zealander, Ricardo Christie and below, Kelly Slater.